Saturday, December 29, 2018

Sticky lips

Look, guys! I made a crappy vlog for my crappy blog!!

I wrote this story out three or four times, but because of how many visualizations there were, I decided to just vlog it.

So, without further ado, enjoy “Sticky lips” and this extremely poorly made vlog.

Thank you.

So at this point, my battery died. Then I filmed the rest when I was at home (still wearing sun glasses cause #nomakeup), and then I tried to edit it . . . but I accidentally cut off a crucial plot point . . . THIS IS WHY I WRITE AND NOT VLOG. 


The grooms men and bridesmaids are paired up and walking down the isle one couple at a time. 

And who's a groomsman who's part of the ceremony? 

My. Ex. 

Okay here's the rest of the story, including the "sticky lips" part. 

Thank you everyone for coming to my blog.

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